Duel Gen-set Change over Panel-DGCO/63

The duel gen-set Panel is a change over switch between two gen-sets. The panel is useful in regions without commercial power. Even with prime generators as the source of power, running the generator for 24Hrs throughout the year puts a heavy toll on the engine. What most users have done is to purchase two stand-by gen-sets( the prime gen-set is more expensive) and install the DGCO/63 panel. The panel features settable run times which allow the gen-sets to have a rest period in each duty cycle. This cuts the maintenance costs of by increasing the mean time between failures (MTBF). 

The optional features are real time run periods, diagnostic alarm reporting via radio transmitting on GSM site or with Modem connection to pre-specified telephone numbers. The panel can also be used in situations where there is commercial power but prolonged power black outs have adverse effects on equipment so the users have installed two gen-sets.