Automatic Phase Selector Switch

The automatic phase selector switch is an electrical equipment that allows the user connecting single phase loads from a three phase supply to have continues power supply in case of one of the three phases fails. Single phasing is a frequent phenomenon with utility companies in the developing countries. The APS has additional feature to connect to a genset and supply the load with power from the generator.

The sequence of switching is flexible and we make them to the customer specification. An example is one of the GSM companies in Kenya required the switching sequence to give priority to the site battery banks before the genset in case of total commercial power failure. This system monitors the battery bank supplying the site to a point where the battery has reached a certain threshold set by the user, then if commercial power has not resumed, a signal is sent to the genset to start up, supply the load and charge the battery bank. If the battery reach float charge before commercial power resumes, the site goes on battery again. This sequence has the benefit of conserving the environment by using less fossil fuels and also saving the service provider revenue on cost of running the genset. An added feature for user requiring alarm reporting, we provide potential free contacts as the user indicts on his ordering specifications. The contacts are either normally open or closed.