Aircon Control Unit


For equipment that are highly thermal dependant for optimal operation,(computer server room, BTS shelters e.t.c.) it is a standard operational procedure to install an extra air conditioning unit as a standby. The main objective in the design of ACCU01/7.5 use to utilize the standby air conditioner, thus depreciate it appropriately. Otherwise as is in cases without the ACCU01/7.5, the standby air conditioner may be written off after certain duration while it is still serviceable.

The ACCU01/7.5 has a duty cycle that runs one air conditioner if the temperature rises above a set threshold, and stops when the temperature fails below the threshold with a settable hysteresis. If the temperature rises above the threshold again, the standby unit now cools the room. Should the temperature rise above a second settable threshold, both air conditioners will operate to bring down the temperature. Other optional features include fire lockout, alarms such air condition failure, high room temperature and low room temperature. All setting are accomplished easily on the keyboard of the microprocessor
control relay.